Service Management

Targeted Training Process

"Focused, hard work is the key to success. Keep your eyes on the goal, and just keep taking the next step towards completing it."
- John Carmack

It is not difficult to design a good process but getting it to work in practice is not always easy. This is because it requires a basic understanding of the purpose of the process and how you fit into it.

At Maximize Consult, we believe in an effect-based training approach, where we design and plan customised training courses with short work intervals, where training takes place in selected processes. This means that you achieve a much greater anchoring of the processes in the company.

The training focuses on the behavioural change you want to achieve. We train the new process approaches and ensure that the change desired by the company takes place based on the individual employee’s responsibility for the process.

Selected services and products:

  • Teaching process and behaviour
  • Training of Process Managers
  • Training of Service Desk
  • Implementation of process events
  • ITIL 4 training
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