Project Management

Review of Projects and Programmes

"High-performing organizations successfully complete 89% of their projects, while low performers complete only 36%." -

Do you receive varying information from project managers and project participants, or does your customer suggest that the project is not running as it should?

On the one hand, it can be onerous to learn the actual project status with ambiguous answers from the stakeholders. On the other hand, it can be equally risky if you only receive information from the project managers.

A structured review of your project or programme will give you insights into the project condition, estimations and realistic deadline keeping. All reviews include an action plan with recommended initiatives and their estimated impact.

Through this structured review, we can also identify patterns in the project management method to obtain a lasting effect in your organization.

Maximize Consult can contribute with:

  • Identification of the project’s focus on business goals
  • Identification of issues in the project workflow
  • Clarification of requirements situation
  • Clarification of stakeholder situations
  • Clarification of testing situation
  • Identification of short- and medium-term improvement measures
  • Risk clarification
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