Project Management


“We see increased popularity in the use of PMO. PMO is gradually moving into a new phase due to the increased focus on measuring project efficiency and heightened project maturity in the organization.”

Often, the project management office has predicaments gaining a foothold in the organization. You can establish a sturdy foundation for your PMO by focussing on value-creating activities and by creating the PMO function in your organization that provides the most value and support of the projects.

The PMO function typically handles three roles:

  • The coordinator: Which entails resource management and coordination between projects and departments.
  • The Control body: Who’s task is to ensure the correct information flow from the projects to the management.
  • Supporter: Who provides services firstly in connection with specific tasks to the project managers and secondly by maintaining the competencies of the managers.

Maximize Consult has experience with all three roles and can help the PMOs implement initiatives in areas that provide the most value for the company.

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