IT Compliance

Information Security

Effektive control and Compliance

Hacker attacks, DDoS, Ransomware and Personal Data are just a few areas that today have greater focus than ever – and the future will only bring increased attention to the security area.

IT security is an area that all companies – large and small – need to address, from basic information security based on the ISO 27001 standard to specific measures concerning the GDPR.

There are many things to keep on track of, and it is important to have a structured approach to the many actions and controls needed. For example, through the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

At Maximize Consult, we have in-depth experience with IT security, both in terms of implementing IT security in the organisation and IT audit tasks.

Selected services and products:

  • Review of IT security (ISO27001 controls)
  • GDPR assessment and implementation
  • Implementation of ISMS
  • IT revision
  • CISO resources
Information security requires awareness

… and we are helping you anchor in an organised fashion, so security isn’t just an ISO number but also a discipline we work by.