Service Management

Strategy and governance

Set the course and steer the course

A good IT strategy is about how the IT organisation best supports the business. It requires care and planning to ensure that the IT organisation implements its strategy and delivers agreed services by the business’/customer’s perception.

A service strategy aims to ensure the right composition of the IT portfolio so that the business gets the best conditions for success. The portfolio must support a stable and competitive operation that can free up resources for investments in the future.

Governance is about establishing the necessary management and leadership so that the change task comes to fruition and is continuously optimised. This is done by:

  • Management of the available funds and resources to achieve planned profit realisations as well as minimizing risks.
  • Leadership through requirements and follow-up as well as the ability – via organisational structures – for the organisation to decide on changes and adjustments on time.

At Maximize, we work to create a connection between IT and business as well as operations and development. We do this, among other things, by translating the strategy into usable action plans that ensure effective execution and realisation of the necessary strategy.

Selected services and products:

  • Development of strategies
  • Preparation of action plans and assistance with execution (project management)
  • Review of existing strategies
  • Design of Operating Model
  • Review and revision of existing models
Should we create an insightful reporting solution for you?

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