Strategy and Governance

Chart the course and steer towards the destination

A good IT strategy considers the way in which the IT organisation can support the company in the best possible way. It takes consideration and planning to ensure that the IT organisation implements its strategy and delivers the agreed services in accordance with company/customer perceptions.

The purpose of a service strategy is to ensure the correct composition of the IT portfolio, making sure that the company is optimally prepared for success. This portfolio must be supported by stable and competitive operations that are able to release resources for future investments.

Governance is about establishing the required level of control and management to ensure that the change task succeeds and is continuously optimised. This is ensured by:

  • controlling available means and resources with a view to obtaining the planned benefits realisations and minimising risks.
  • managing through requirements and follow-up, and using organisational structures to ensure that the organisation is able to make decisions and adjust in time.

At Maximize, we work on creating coherence between IT, operations and development. We achieve this by, amongst other things, turning the strategy into useful action plans that ensure efficient implementation and realisation of the required strategy.

Selected services and products:

  • Preparation of strategies
  • Preparation of action plans and execution assistance (project management)
  • Review of existing strategies
  • Preparation of governance models
  • Design of Operating Model
  • Review and revision of existing models

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