Service and Process Excellence

The quality behind your services and products

“Service Excellence is for companies who want to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and, as a result, high customer loyalty.”

Are you in control of the quality behind all your services and processes?

The model illustrates those elements that must be defined and decided on when you carry out your regular service checks, also called Service Reviews. All input is collected in a Service Improvement Plan (SIP) and this plan is the foundation for drawing up specific actions plans for implementation of Continual Service Improvement (CSI).

Process Excellence goes hand in hand with Operational Excellence. Only by working on both dimensions can you achieve visible improvements.

your own business as well.


Selected services and products:

  • Service check for your organisation
  • Preparation of a Service Improvement Plan and execution assistance for initiatives
  • Review of existing processes and roles
  • Design and optimisation of value streams
  • Continuous improvements

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