Service Catalogue and Portal

Customer-friendly access to your services

A service catalogue provides an overview of the services delivered by an IT organisation to its company and customers. As such, the service catalogue is a tool that documents and ensures an understanding of the service goal, costs and metrics, and that is an important prerequisite for a continuous and high level of customer satisfaction.

We assist you in designing and compiling a customer-friendly service catalogue and a portal that mirrors customer behaviour based on “self-service”.

There is often a need to establish links between the business processes and IT services and ensure that the expectations in the different parts of the organization match. The focus must be on the business’s needs and what it actually needs in its everyday operations, as well as on designing IT services in a customer-oriented way.

We can help organizations put together a customer-oriented service catalogue that creates visibility and customer value in the organization by being easy to understand and thereby easier to use in the organization.

Selected services and Products

  • Design of the service catalogue
  • Process for service management
  • Review of existing services
  • Model for cost calculation
  • Design of the ordering process
  • Design of the Service Portal

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