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Compliance and GDPR

The EU legislation on personal data protection improves our privacy. This is excellent for us as a population. However, it also makes it challenging to design a system that supports complex data processing and data storage.

Insight and compliance with the GDPR can be abstract and challenging for many organizations and companies.

Our approach to the task is practically grounded. We face the GDPR challenges in our daily lives. Therefore, we have a solid knowledge of how the GDPR requirements translate into daily actions that are simple to implement in organizations and companies.

For several years, we have established operations organizations with customers around the GDPR requirements. We work with new requirements and changes in legislation, etc. becomes easier to handle. This means that our operating model is well-tested both in terms of compliance and implementation in organizations with different characteristics.

We design GDPR courses so compliance is:

  • Operationalised – we help define when the organization complies with the GDPR rules.
  • Concretised – what does it mean to be compliant with the GDPR rules and why it is important.
  • Anchored – behaviour changes in the organization of both employees and managers so that Governance builds for future compliance with the GDPR.

Maximize works inside the engine room and is practically involved in the entire process. By this, we avoid being at a theoretical level that does not fit into the daily life and reality in which the organization finds itself.

Our tailor-made approach ensures an efficient process that focuses on the organization subsequently being able to independently maintain and handle updates in GDPR requirements and administer the relevant audits.

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