Modernisation of system landscape

Technical analysis leads to improved operation and security in complex IT system landscape. Read about Maximize’s work with Life Cycle Management and system improvement at an IT department for a large ministry.

Fact Box


The customer has a complex system landscape with a high-priority socially critical system and integrations to both internal and external parties. These systems are accessed by a large number of users and have a significant impact on the individual user. Some of these systems used older versions of basic software (Windows Server, MS SQL Server, MS Exchange, etc.), which can pose issues both security-wise and operationally. The customer therefore needed the majority of these systems to be upgraded to the latest versions of basic software for improved security and operation.

commissioning of upgrades

Maximize was responsible for the project management of the task: Analyse, prepare and ensure the implementation of the necessary system improvements with associated responsibilities. This analysis involved a large number of both internal and external parties, so that the integrations were handled correctly. At the same time, a new process for Life Cycle Management (LCM) was implemented, so that it became possible to commission upgrades and adjustments faster and with less downtime.

Analysis, improvement, implementation

Maximize ensured the implementation of a technical analysis of infrastructure and system integrations in close cooperation between project, operation, management, suppliers and business (including various agencies and ministries). In parallel, the project designed and implemented a new LCM process. Most of the systems were exercised in new environments, which also required optimized commissioning processes.


More than 20 independent assignments were completed succesfully, thanks in part to a thorough analysis and mapping of the respective integrations, a successful establishment of “Life Cycle Management”, which overall has improved safety and operational stability.