Preanalysis for optimisation of servicedesk

Good user service requires the proper organization and efficient processes. A large public agency needed in-depth insight into its improvement opportunities and a concrete plan to implement the necessary adjustments.

Fact Box


A large public customer underwent a considerable transformation of their IT organisation, where all areas needed analysing, optimising, and transitioning to a new structure.


Our management consultant's task was to highlight the biggest challenges and optimisation of potential in the existing Service Desk, including making suggestions for the future design, incl. governance, policies, organization, roles, competencies, and processes. In addition, we had to prepare a separate recommendation about the advantages and disadvantages of simultaneously changing the Service Management tool.


For the customer to tie the many improvement initiatives together, we designed a Target Operating Model that made visible the interplay between the new virtual organisation and the optimised processes. The model was on all counts in line with the overall strategy and meant that several closely linked projects could better target their activities towards a common goal picture.


The analysis work resulted in a detailed implementation plan, subsequently used by the customer's project managers to manage the changes accordingly.