Danish Environmental Portal

Public IT systems help many citizens and therefore it is extra important that they function immediately and as they should. Read how Maximize helped the Danish Environmental Portal gather 6 systems.

Fact Box

"When Maximize was contacted by the customer, the project was in the red due to delays. The Maximize consultant was able to solve the issues in the project through a thorough work prioritizing needs and focusing on delivery management."

Integration and Renewal

The Danish Environmental Portal's owners, the state, the municipalities and the regions wanted a new IT solution for registering +40 different types of environmental studies in watercourses, lakes and the marine environment. The system was to replace 6 old systems from the time of the counties. In addition, a digital integration was also to be provided to the many laboratories that provide analysis results on chemical analyses, as well as a data warehouse solution for users who use the data.

Project Organisation

Maximize's consultant tackled the task first by managerially bringing the stakeholders together at steering group level and a culture of agreement at management level had to be established as the foundation of the project. The project's participants, including onsite and offsite suppliers, had to be organised around the project's method, IT architecture, goals and plans. Furthermore, it was important to achieve commonality regarding the project's goals and a shared understanding of the project's non-goals.

Adjusted Execution

Due to the scope and complexity of the task, the consultant from Maximize Consult developed a method that suited the project's deliverables so that the requirements became clear and testable. The method clarified where the project moved away from the project's goals and corrective dialogue became possible - both at steering group level and in the project group. Thus, we were able to create a joint plan for the project.

New Public Availability

The task resulted in a cloud solution where it was made possible for everyone to download survey results in a publicly available web solution called "Miljødata.dk". In this way, the new data solution also includes the needs of the stakeholders and the citizens can benefit from the new system.