Implementation of a digital and IT strategy

Good transport depends on the efficient use of IT systems and security. A sizable Nordic transport customer took us behind the scenes to take on a Project Management task.

Fact Box


A sizable customer wanted a design and implementation of a digitisation and IT strategy that should live up to a specific business case.


As program manager, Maximize Consult divided the strategy into several focus areas, covering everything from the relationship between the business areas and IT, relationships with suppliers, implementation of ITIL processes, information security, ERP strategy and several additional areas. The update of processes included, among others, an expansion of their Service Management tool.


For each area of the strategy, we appointed a project manager and defined goals, which we continuously followed up on. A joint plan was drawn up and together with several key people from the business and the IT department. We started to implement the desired changes.

The Result

After a little over a year, the IT strategy was fully implemented, and the programme had realised the business case. The satisfaction level of the business had also increased dramatically, and the IT employees received a wide range of tools that they could utilise in their optimised processes.