Opgrading an IAM solution

Security in the financial sector is the cornerstone of trusting cooperation. The customer asked us to help it upgrade its IAM solution so the client could continue at the forefront of the field.

Fact Box

Identity Access Management

A customer wants to implement a new IT system to support the company's Identity Access Management (IAM) and to map and optimise the affected business processes.


Maximize Consult was asked, in collaboration with the customer's IT and business functions, to do the necessary analysis work that covered the future security concept, GAP analysis of existing IAM vs desired IAM, as well as the technical setup. Subsequently, we managed the programme with the implementation of the chosen solution.


Based on the analysis, we prepared a transition plan for the new IAM structure, including detailed planning of the necessary program tracks and preparation of a reporting model for ongoing follow-up of progress. We prepared all the necessary documentation in the form of designs, policies, and business procedures to support future operations.


The customer received an up-to-date and secure IAM solution where the required organizational function separation and other relevant layered and group-based access conditions aligned with the legal requirements for the industry.