New organizational model design ensures efficient IT operations

Concurrently with progress, a multinational telecommunications company had become less uniform in operations and service management and, therefore, wanted a new approach to its organisation. Read more about how Maximize delivered a new roadmap to the customer.

Fact Box

The design of the new organisational model

Over the last few years, there has been excellent development for our Nordic telecommunications customer. To meet the development, the customer needed to revise the previous organisational model. Over the past few years, the operations in the various Nordic countries had become differentiated. It was therefore a wish that the new organizational model brougth the countries together and createed a common operations center for IT operations and work in a common direction towards the operation of IT services. The task was to tap into its existing change programme in operations, which needed an extra boost.

Analysis and Change

Maximize had to help the customer first do organizational analysis and then implement and hand over the new organizational model plan. The chief consultants emphasized the client's readiness for change and the professional work in transforming three organizational units, including ensuring consistency between tasks, competencies and standardized processes. The task was divided into 3 sub-analyses and with greater effort to ensure a solid implementation, and to work with the management in a transition.


After a few months of the analysis work, the customer and Maximize agreed on a step-by-step implementation to ensure faster results and to allow for adjustsments during the implementation process. Maximize ensured that an experienced senior project manager could focus on the step-by-step implementation and impact of the major change programme. An important element in the change was to create the link to 1st and 2nd line, as well as to the IT development department and manage the change in this work.

Result and handover

Maximize delivered a roadmap to the customer. The roadmap contained a plan for the new organisational structure and an execution guide of the handover plan. The operation and service at the telecommunications customer went from being country-domain focused to a transnational collaboration. The client was given a new virtual organisation and, furthermore, a greater understanding of change management.