Review of the use of an ITSM system

Standards are good but require adaptation and anchoring to work optimally. A large Danish supply company invited us to review their processes.

Fact Box


A Danish enterprise implemented a new Service Management tool with standard processes. However, a year later, the SM tool did not yet meet the expectations of the desired increased efficiency.


The enterprise asked Maximize Consult to conduct a focussed process review on identifying obstacles - and possible improvement initiatives - for increased efficiency in the areas of End2End processes, Governance and policies, tool support and the corporate culture.


For each focus area, we conducted a series of interviews with both managers and employees. Thus, we mapped several points where rapid and noticeable efficiencies could be created only by slight adjustments. The existing processes were reviewed and adapted to the desired optimal workflow. Furthermore, in teamwork, we created a common understanding of the purpose and possible support for the core tasks.


The process review results in a recommendation with an improvement catalogue containing a prioritised list of possible activities with associated action plans. This meant that the customer could immediately launch several initiatives with their resources. Which not only gave increased efficiency but also gave very positive employee satisfaction.