Establishment of cross-function case management system

When a project goes across administrations and boards, it is extra important to have a structured approach Maximize did this when we led the establishment of a cross-cutting processing system.

Fact Box


A ministry wanted a new processing system that all its agencies and boards should be able to use. The task included the making of a new data warehouse and a new archive system. Moreover, it included the handling of numerous integrations that should interact with the new processing system, including portals for users and other public authorities.


Maximize Consult oversaw the management of the programme and had daily contact with the individual project managers, and we ensured continuous focus on goal fulfilment. Especially on the requirements side, there was a lot of work with the establishment of the new processing concept. Furthermore, there was a focus on meeting the needs of numerous stakeholders, whose needs demanded solving in the same system.


The programme manager established a reference group with a mandate to handle requirements. Through the programme test manager, we developed automated tests that could continuously collect issues. The implementation phase had great focus and all employees without exception were trained in the system, so the commissioning was as unproblematic as possible.


The Ministry and its affiliated agencies and boards went live with the cross-functional processing system. Now, the system is in use for all the intended areas. Furthermore, various co-operation forums were established, where ongoing adjustments were handled etc.