Service Catalogue

Do your customers understand what you actually offer?

Many organizations don’t have a satisfactory tool for highlighting and explaining the services they provide to their customers and their own business.

Typically services are described technically, so they make sense in an IT context, but this can make it difficult for the customers to see which services they currently get, and which ones they can order. At the same time, there is often a lack of visible documentation of the costs, service targets and metrics related to the delivery of services. This documentation is important because it allows the company to evaluate the delivery of services and thus ensure continued customer satisfaction.

There is often a need to establish links between the business processes and IT services and ensure that the expectations in the different parts of the organization match. The focus must be on the business’s needs and what it actually needs in its everyday operations, as well as on designing IT services in a customer-oriented way.

We can help organizations put together a customer-oriented service catalogue that creates visibility and customer value in the organization by being easy to understand and thereby easier to use in the organization.

Examples of content:

  • Design of service catalogue
  • Clear definitions and management of services
  • Review of existing services
  • Description of how services are delivered
  • Cost structure
  • The ordering process
  • SLA for the services

We can help highlight the value of your services

We can advise you and help design a customer-oriented service catalogue that makes it easier for your customers to say yes to your services. Contact us to hear more.

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