Service Excellence

Know your customers’ needs

“Service Excellence is for companies who want to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and, as a result, high customer loyalty.”

Service Excellence helps companies deliver the right quality of services to their customers.

We use an effect-based concept that gives you as an organization an assessment of what exactly you need to focus your efforts on. In addition, you get a model for how to provide a better customer experience. The model can serve to validate your organization’s strategic goals and maturity in relation to your customer-focused services.

The optimization process is based on cSEm®, and we make sure that an activity plan is drawn up for your company. The plan will be based on a service assessment and your company’s situation, and can be used to optimize the organization’s ability to deliver services to your customers and thus to your own business as well.

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We can help customize and implement all effect-based activities based on a review of your operating organization and an identification of the factors that have the greatest impact, to ensure that you develop a customer-facing operations business.

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